The New Jersey General Office is conveniently located in Saddle Brook, Edison, Wall, Staten Island and Livingston. In addition, we have approximately 400 agents, many of which you'll find in communities throughout the Garden State. What we believe sets us apart from other insurance professionals is how insightful and perceptive our associates can be at understanding the needs of our clients. In fact, we are proud to say that our agents are some of the most professionally trained professionals in the insurance industry. They work with each client to help them protect against risk in their personal and business lives, prepare for emergencies and plan today for a life of financial security tomorrow.

One of the biggest strengths lies in our agents ability to help put in proper perspective the priorities of those we serve. As the New Jersey General Office, we are proud of our role as a professional and advocate for the entire community, demonstrated through the seminars we provide on such subjects as estate and retirement planning, through the phone calls we can help answer your questions regarding fixed annuities, long-term care insurance, life insurance and through the books, brochures and other materials we provide about estate planning, funding a buy-sell agreement, mortgage protection using life insurance and education funding. If any of these areas interest you, “contact us”.

That’s what we believe the New Jersey General Office is all about...Helping people like you.


2017 Chairman's Trophy and other notable accomplishments:

The Chairman’s Trophy is awarded to the New York Life General Office with the best total sales performance, as well as growth in key areas of sales, manpower and retention. The 2017 Chairman's Trophy was awarded to The New Jersey General Office.

In addition to the Chairman's Trophy, The New Jersey General Office won the Senior Vice President’s Trophy – Agent Growth, Life Case Rate Trophy, and Life Trophy in 2017.

Company History

Join us as we commemorate over 170 years of strength and security and look toward the future. It all began on April 12, 1845 when the foundation was laid for a new enterprise that would come to be known as the New York Life Insurance Company, Elected Secretary Lewis Benton purchased the first policy for $5,000. So began a legacy of security and a commitment to keeping promises reflected still today in our core values.

As President and Chairman (1907–1932) Darwin P. Kingsley said, “When will New York Life be finished? Never! Its foundations are as deep as human love; its spires disappear in unfulfilled dreams of human aspiration; its great arches support an expanding nave which can cover and protect all who come.”

That passion and commitment to protection have continued unabated for nearly two centuries. We've seen the nation evolve and events occur that affect the lives of Americans: from the Civil War, to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, to the 1929 stock market crash, to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, 9/11, and of course, the recent recession.

The Company's 170th anniversary follows on the heels of a record–setting financial year in which we added more to our surplus, becoming stronger than we've ever been.

What does this all mean? Two things come to mind: New York Life is resilient and able to thrive in all economic conditions. This means we'll always be there for our policy owners, and for future generations, and; There has never been a better time to be with New York Life.

So join us as we commemorate 170 years of integrity, mutuality, humanity and financial strength, and as we look toward a bright future built on those same values. And if you happen to meet with your agent, tell him or her happy anniversary as well. After all, it's their dedication and exceptional service that sets us apart from the rest.

Company Strength

An insurance policy is only as good as the company behind it. To help consumers make intelligent decisions, independent services rate insurers. While the rating services use the same criteria to make their judgments, each focuses on a separate aspect of a company. New York Life Insurance Company and its subsidiary, New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation have received the highest ratings currently awarded to any life insurer by all four major ratings agencies as indicated below.

Moody's: Aaa for financial strength

A.M. Best: A++ for financial strength

Standard & Poor's: AA+ for financial strength

Fitch: AAA for financial strength

Financial Strength ratings are based on individual independent ratings agency commentaries as of 9/12/2019.

New York Life's Company Mission

Our mission is to provide financial security and peace of mind through our insurance, annuity and investment products and services. By continuing to be a mutual company, we are uniquely aligned with our customers. By maintaining superior financial strength, we protect their future. By acting with integrity and humanity, we can earn their trust and loyalty. Every decision we make, every action we take has one overriding purpose: To be here when our customers need us.